The best 5 games of 2018

The best 5 games of 2018

2018 has certainly welcomed some must-play new games. Below, you’ll find our picks for the best games thus far.

Splatoon 2

Due to a larger selection of maps and weapons, the online multiplayer modes are as good as ever, making Splatoon 2 the perfect sequel to its original counterpart Splatoon. For single players, the game puts you to the test with new ink-flinging uses and a clever narrative. Filled with Japanese street fashion, seafood puns, and super-soaking paint guns, Splatton 2 it just what you’ve been looking for in a challenging, rewarding, fun adventure.

Format(s): Switch


The game takes complex concepts and simplifies them, giving it a level of polish gamers have come to expect from the likes of Nintendo. Gamers compete in a series of battles, using their extendable arms to attack opponents. Arms is filled with a cast of characters most gamers will appreciate, each possessing their own special abilities. Intuitive controls for both controls and buttons are also a plus for this over-the-shoulder battle game.

Format(s): Switch


Prey shines as the game’s main quest directs you to a series of side quests, unlocking the essence of the individuals who once inhabited the space station. The game centers on ordinary fears as you realize the powers you’re playing with takes a toll on human life. Prey is a battleground, using alien powers as you struggle with becoming the very enemy you trying to defeat.

Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Persona 5

An important piece of 21st-century pop fiction, Persona 5 is a millennial tale, raging against a social machine of corrupt politicians, terrible teachers, and dirty CEOs. The narrative of the game simulates modern day-to-day Japanese living while weaving in rewarding combat systems. The game is effortlessly cool and is a 100+ hour game that doesn’t waste one’s time.

Format(s) PS4, PS3

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There is so much to do in this game, where do we start? You could spend your time trying to destroy Ganon and restore the Kingdom of Hyrule or simply hang out with the villagers and ancient elders. However, why do all that when you could spend your time hang-gliding into the many puzzled-filled mini dungeons? Capturing the essence of the Zelda series, it is one of the best games Nintendo ever created.

Format(s) Switch, WiiU