Tips for Picking Out the Best Flower Girl Dress for Your Wedding

Tips for Picking Out the Best Flower Girl Dress for Your Wedding

If you’re going to have at least one flower girl in your wedding, you will want her to look like the little princess that she is. Chances are, she wants to look pretty for you, too.

Here are some tips for the best results for picking out the best flower girl dresses for your wedding.

1. Make sure that her dress matches your wedding theme. If your wedding will be strictly traditional, you’ll want her dress to be white as well. If you’re having a beach wedding, on the other hand, you’ll something colorful would be more suitable. Just make sure that her dress and style matches your ideas.

2. Even if you are going strictly traditional, your flower girl dress doesn’t have to be snow white. You can also settle for a variation like ivory, or off-white. If your dress is pastel, you could pick out something that’s a very light color for her.

3. Her dress doesn’t necessarily have to be from the same company as yours. Not all bridal companies do child-size dresses. Even those who do don’t offer a lot of choices. Instead, you could go for a company that specializes in clothes like flower girl dresses. Or you could go for a high quality store, such as Dillard’s.

4. Watch the length! You don’t any tripping incidents in the isle. Falls can cause anything from bruising to internal bleeding. The last thing you want to have to do on your wedding day is make a 911 call. If your flower girl is a toddler to elementary-aged, think just below the knee. However, if she’s a preteen or older, you can go longer.

5. Let your flower girl pick her dress with you. After all, she’s going to be the one to wear it. Letting her have that choice will give her a sense of power. It will create a fun memory for the both of you.

6. Especially if you’re going for toddler flower girl dresses, opt for a fabric that hides wrinkles well, like chiffon.

7. In most cases, it’s recommended that you wait a couple of weeks before your wedding date before purchasing the flower girl dress. Kids tend to grow like weeds.

8. You may want to make sure that your flower girl is dressed last. Little kids tend to get dirty easily and you don’t want her dressed to be ruined just before your big event.

9. Once she is dressed, take a lot of photos with her. It will make for awesome memories for both you and her.