Why Having Business Cards is Still Important

Why Having Business Cards is Still Important

Some people believe that there’s no need to print or use business cards anymore. With so many things transferring to digital formatting, having a business card may seem pointless or archaic. However, there are many reasons why having a physical, professionally printed business card is still important.

Physical Cards are More Personal 

The technological revolution has created many vital tools for businesses, but digital formats tend to feel cold and impersonal. It’s difficult enough for businesses to establish strong relationships with their customers without relying too heavily on computers for information and communication. A good business card, especially when handed directly to customers and clients, feels warmer and more personal, creating a stronger connection.

Make a Big First Impression 

You no longer have to limit yourself to the old black on white business cards of the past that are a dime a dozen. Modern business cards are now printed in a nearly endless array of colors. Want to give off a fun vibe? Try bright colors like yellow or orange. Looking for a more professional and serious feel? Try navy blue, forest green or royal purple.

Some of the best business cards include flashy details like embossing, foil edges, holographic text, and even textures like bamboo, canvas and cotton. In addition, you can print double sided business cards to provide more information and to hook in attention no matter what angle the card is being viewed from. Having a colorful, unique business card will allow you to make a great first impression on any potential client.

Establish a Brand 

A business card is an embodiment of you, your company and your brand. With the options available to card printing today, your brand can be more easily created and established. You can have a card custom designed into the shape of your logo or another notable image of your company. Experiment with a variety of shapes, designs and sizes to make your desired branding stick. Customers may also give feedback on your business card designs to allow you to make changes, improve and grow.

Many card printing companies will send out custom samples based on your selections before you make your final order. You can experiment with numerous styles and designs without spending a lot of money or wasting cards.

The importance of business cards hasn’t faded over time. In fact, in today’s digital world, business cards may be more vital to a company’s success than ever before. With all of the new options available for card design, it’s quick and easy to create memorable cards that will stick with clients and customers for years to come.