3 Simple Ways to Take the Hassle Out of Wedding Planning

3 Simple Ways to Take the Hassle Out of Wedding Planning

Using Tools Like Mail Merge and Online Gift Registries Make It Easier Than Ever to Plan Your Big Day

You said “yes” to your finance, you said “yes” to the dress, and pretty soon you’ll be ready to say “I do!” Between the love of your life asking for your hand on bended knee and walking down the aisle on your big day, a lot of planning has to happen. And who wants to waste more time than necessary worrying about wedding planning when they could be relaxing and enjoying their engagement?

Being engaged is a wonderful and quick period in your life– and for many brides, it only happens once. We’ve gathered a list of the top 3 tools that take the hassle out of wedding planning for you. Spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time with your honey when you use wedding-planning tools like:

  • Google sheets and mail merge software for following up with guests
  • An online gift registry that keeps all of your wants and needs in one place
  • The perfect wedding Pinterest board

Mail Merge and Google Sheets Are A Match Made in Heaven

You and your sweetheart are soulmates, and so are mail merge and Google Sheets. Mail merge is a tool that allows you to create a template email that pulls information from a database to create personalized messages for everyone on your list.

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry– it doesn’t have to be. Some mail merge platforms integrate with Google Sheets, which means creating your database can be as simple as creating a spreadsheet with your loved ones’ info in it.

Mail merge platforms also allow you to schedule messages and follow-up messages, which means you can put contacting your guests on autopilot while you enjoy your engagement.

Keep Your Gift Registry Online and in One Place

These days, many couples have their own apartments or even an apartment together before they tie the knot, which means many of the home essentials that guest would traditionally gift them are already sitting in their cupboards. So how’s a bride to prevent guests from spending time picking out presents she already has?

A universal online gift registry is a great option. It keeps all of your wants and needs in one place, allowing giving guests and gift-givers a more organized experience. Some options even allow guests to donate a gift of cash, which is a convenient options that helps you cover everything from wedding expenses to your honeymoon.

Organize Your Dream Wedding Using Pinterest

When you think of organizational tools, social media doesn’t usually come to mind. However, Pinterest is a great way to gather everything– from inspiration for your wedding theme to local bakeries that make stunning wedding cakes— in one convenient place.

Having all of that information in one spot saves you the headache of flipping through dozens of bridal magazines or spending endless hours Googling florists and bakers in your town.

Planning a wedding can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these three simple methods to take the hassle out of wedding planning, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the road to your big day!