The Latest Trend in Travel – Learning Tours!

The Latest Trend in Travel – Learning Tours!

Our best vacations are those where we made a memory so unique and personal, that it stayed with us for the rest of our life. The day we won at the casino. That true smile we shared with our loved one. The fun thing we did that is never mentioned in mixed company. While these are wonderful things, when was the last time you had a truly awe-inspiring moment that changed your perspective in life? The vision of Kelly Phillips and Mike Brackenridge of Worldaway Learning Tours can give you an opportunity for another one of those moments.

Kelly and Mike have over 10 years of working abroad through various volunteer organizations. With this experience, they have crafted learning focused, theme vacations around the world. Many of their tours go to places most tourists do not get to explore. Participate in adventures like:

  • Surf J-Bay in South Africa
  • Study wildlife conservation while visiting the Galapagos Islands
  • Learn about deforestation of the Amazon first hand while sharing a meal with the indigenous people
  • Meet our future scientists and engineers at the many STEM competitions in Europe and India
  • Travel Europe or Asia meeting street vendors through chefs learning their techniques while tasting their food
  • Be immersed in the South American Spanish Culture and climb up to Machu Picchu
  • Tour medical field clinics and other facilities for a hands on experience

Kelly and Mike are always conscientious when it comes to safety and the groups they travel with. They make sure everyone in the small group they take will have a great time in a safe environment the whole time.

What many have already experienced from their expeditions is that the memories come from meeting the people through direct interaction. Having a chance to walk in their shoes. Standing under that 800 year old tree in the Amazon Rainforest and feeling the rain for the first time. Touching the plant life the gorillas of Uganda have lived in for thousands of years. Smelling the scents that only come from a volcano. Being immersed with the life, history, food, art and culture of a society. Those that have traveled with Worldaway Learning Tours have come back from their 2 week journey with many personal moments that have made them feel that they have learned something significant and have grown personally.